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Chadds Ford, PA Motorcycle Insurance

We all cut some corners to try and save some money, but you really don’t want to be riding around on minimum liability insurance coverage, particularly if you’re on a motorcycle. Cars have much greater stability because they have four wheels whereas motorcycles only have two. A driver of a car and their passengers are surrounded by steel that offers them protection; motorcycles offer no such protection. Drivers of cars have seat belts to keep them from being ejected; seat belts are useless on motorcycles.

Even if involved in a low speed accident, you’re at a much higher risk of sustaining serious injuries on a motorcycle. The issue with motorcycles and minimum liability insurance is that although the risk of serious injury on a motorcycle is much greater, you’re only covered if you cause injuries to somebody else. You’re virtually uninsured if you’re involved in a single vehicle accident, and you have no protection if you’re hit by an uninsured driver.

We’re independent insurance agents and we live and work around the Chadds Ford, PA area. We’re connected with multiple motorcycle insurers that compete for your business by giving you the lowest possible rates. That fact makes coverage beyond the bare minimum affordable for you so that you’re surrounded by the full motorcycle insurance that you need.

You may have never been in a motorcycle accident before. That doesn’t mean that a deer isn’t going to jump in front of you, or that a drunk uninsured driver isn’t going to make a left turn in your path. There are just too many things that can happen out there. You can compare quotes from our website, call us or just stop in. We’re pleased to talk with you. You’ll be happy that you did that.