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Your Safety Checklist When Decorating For Fall

We all have our own idea of what our homes should look like through the Fall. Some people like to decorate with a very Halloweeny sort of theme, while others prefer a festive feel, celebrating the colors of Autumn. Whatever your style, it’s important to take a moment to consider the safety issues that surround decorating your home:

  • Secure All Ladders

If you like to decorate the roof or hang ornamental items up in hard-to-reach places, then you’re going to be breaking the ladder out of the garage. You need to be very careful to ensure that it is secured and stable, especially considering that the ground can get slick and icy in the Fall. Your best bet is to never mount a ladder unless there’s someone there to spot you.

  • Be Careful About Fire Hazards

A lot of Fall-themed decorations are basically just a bunch of kindling bound together with a flammable adhesive. If you like to decorate with leaves and natural wooden ornamentation, make sure not to hang any dry tree-products around the fireplace, furnace, space heaters, outlets, or anything else that gives off heat or electricity.

  • Avoid Outdoor Clutter

Those slippery sidewalks are a liability claim waiting to happen, and Brandywine Insurance Group is primarily there to cover against unforeseeable incidents. If your walkway is cluttered with big Halloween decorations that people have to dance around, then you’re looking at an accident that anyone could have seen coming. Keep walking paths unobstructed, and decorations out of the way.

Decorating for Fall is hardly the most dangerous job in the house, but nevertheless, it’s always important to keep safety in mind.