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5 Tips For Chadds Ford Homeowners

When you live in Chadds Ford, PA, it’s important to do what you can to protect your home. There are several things you need to know as a homeowner so you have less to worry about through the year.

Schedule Home Services

A variety of home services should be scheduled through the year. These protect your home and ensure you don’t take the DIY approach. Such things include:

  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • HVAC cleaning and maintenance
  • Drain cleaning and plumbing maintenance

Be Aware of Weather

Weather throughout the state varies across the year. You need to be aware of weather so you know when to act. For example, if it’s going to storm, be sure you bring things in that could otherwise blow into your home. If it’s going to snow, do what you can to minimize damage, such as draining water pipes so they don’t freeze.

Work with an Agent

At Brandywine Insurance Group, we have independent insurance agents who can help you with finding the right home insurance. This includes exploring coverage and getting the most discounts so your policy is affordable.

Secure Your Home

There’s a lot that you can do to secure your home in Chadds Ford, PA. You could choose to fence in your property, get a security system, and even invest in surveillance cameras. This deters crime and reduces the chance of your home getting broken into through the year.

Compare Premiums

The only way to know whether you’re getting a good deal on home insurance or not is to compare premiums. This means getting quotes from several companies that offer policies in Pennsylvania.

Find out more about becoming a responsible homeowner and getting affordable home insurance today. Call Brandywine Insurance Group and let one of our independent insurance agents help.

Winter Home Prep

Winter is a fun time of year for many people. The weather cools down a little bit in Chadds Ford, PA and there are plenty of fun winter activities that can be enjoyed. Before you head out on a fun winter adventure, there are a few things you should do to prep your home for the colder weather and protect yourself from costly repairs. Use this list to get started on your winter home prep. 

Clean out the Gutters

During the fall, cleaning out the gutters is something you probably want to wait and do after all the leaves have fallen. However, if your gutters are full of leaves, then you will find the next time it rains or snows, they are not doing their job. Help make sure they stay in great shape by keeping them cleaned out after the leaves fall.

Check Your Heater System

While it stays hot in the summer, you may want that heating system to work well once it starts getting cold. The best time to do it is in the fall. This way, you can get proper maintenance on it and ensure that it will work the first time you need it to this coming winter. It is a good idea to get this looked at least once a year and there is no better reminder than fall. While you are at it, you may even want to check and replace the filters in your home.

Get Home Insurance

If you do not already have home insurance, it is something we always recommend at Brandywine Insurance Group. Having home insurance is the best way to protect your home in a variety of circumstances. Prepping your home for any season would not be complete without purchasing a home insurance policy.

Contact us at Brandywine Insurance Group serving Chadds Ford, PA, to get a quote for home insurance or take a closer look at your current policy.

Chadds Ford, PA Packing Tips for Moving

No one likes to move, but it’s something that everyone usually must deal with at some point in their lives. Below are some tips for making the notion of packing up everything you own and want to keep and transporting to another place a little more palatable.


Liquor stores always have ample numbers of cardboard boxes left over from their shipments of alcohol inventory that come into the store on a regular basis. So swing by a few liquor stores to see if you can have a few of their left over cardboard boxes, which will save you money on purchasing cardboard boxes, or other boxes when you pack up your items. Maybe buy a bottle of champagne or two as well when you are at the liquor store, to celebrate your move!


Many boxes look the same, especially when they are packed up and you are exhausted from moving all day long. So as soon as you pack up a box, write what room the items belong in and maybe even what is inside of it, which will not only be helpful for you but any movers you have brought along to help you through this arduous process. Make sure to write fragile on the boxes with fragile items inside!


Make sure you protect all of those items you are moving into your new house or apartment during and after your move. While there are a number of insurance companies out there, Brandywine Insurance Group has served the Chadds Ford, PA area and can advise customers setting up home or renters insurance as well as anyone.

How Do I Buy Home Insurance In Chadds Ford?

It’s important to know about how to buy home insurance in Chadds Ford, PA. This will ensure you have protection on your home in case something happens. If you don’t have to pay out of pocket, it is to your benefit. It is much easier (and more affordable) to call the insurance company and file a claim so you can have them pay for the repairs or replacements.

Your homeowners insurance policy can provide protection for:

– Fire/smoke damage
– Sinking foundation
– Floods
– Theft
– Injury liability

Not all policies are created the same and therefore you will want to explore the coverage that is available. You may be able to increase coverage based upon the type of dwelling that you have as well as the value of your home.

There are various forms of coverage that you will want to explore with home insurance. This includes renters insurance, flood insurance, and more. This will allow you to prepare for bad weather and know that there is sufficient protection if there is a problem with your home, even if you choose to rent it out to someone else.

Our agents are able to talk to you about coverage and help you to decide what is going to best protect your home. We will provide you with recommendations and work to find options that are within your budget. This will ensure that you have an affordable policy without going broke. There are plenty of ways to keep your policy affordable and we will explore discounts that you qualify for.

Call and talk to one of our independent agents today. We can find quotes for you to compare rates and then determine what policy will work best for you and your budget. This can be the easiest way to buy a policy.