Commercial Insurance in Pennsylvania

If you own a business in Chadds Ford or anywhere else in the state of Pennsylvania, you want to make sure that you are covered if anything were to happen. Using independent insurance agents can offer benefits to you such as packages and personal agents to contact whenever you need to. Here are some of the types of Chadds Ford, PA commercial insurance policies to consider.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business has any motor vehicles, you are going to want to make sure they are covered in case of accident. Commercial Auto is the best way to do this. Commercial auto may help you and your drivers be secure in case of an accident involving one of your vehicles. It is also the law in Pennsylvania to have auto coverage, so make sure your fleet is legal.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is also a necessity in Pennsylvania. CGL is for instances of customers getting hurt on your property. It may also help to cover any injuries or damages caused to the business by you or your employees. Finally, CGL may also help if you are taken to court for issues like copyright infringement or misleading advertising.

Commercial Property Insurance

While theft might be rare in Chadds Ford, businesses can still be targeted; commercial property insurance may help. This type of insurance may also cover your businesses property and buildings from other damages cause by storms, fires or other nature disasters. While not mandatory in Pennsylvania, why risk going without coverage? Independent insurance agents can help you pick the best coverage for you.

Workers Compensation

Mandatory for all businesses with at least one employee in Pennsylvania, workers compensation may help to cover medical expenses and lost wages for employees hurt on the job. Workers compensation may also protect you from lawsuits filed against your business by employees.

Business Owner Package

A business owners package through a private insurance agent is the best way for a Pennsylvania business to get their coverage. Business packages may contain all the main coverage that is needed to do business in the state of Pennsylvania. Your agent will know the local laws and necessary coverage you will need to have as a business owner.

While it is important to note that insurance in each state is different, Chadds Ford, PA commercial insurance is available in several levels of coverage. So give us a call today to find out what would fit your business and your budget best!