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Auto Insurance

Like every other state, Pennsylvania requires anybody operating a vehicle on its roadways to have minimum liability insurance. What's different about Pennsylvania is that it's a no-fault state requiring a minimum of $5,000 in medical benefits coverage. That's called threshold medical coverage. If a person exceeds that $5,000 threshold, they get two options, depending on the coverage they have.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is of the utmost importance to provide protection. Homeowners need to focus on ways to protect their home against everything that could happen, from fire to theft, and even storms. Our agency is able to provide you with a policy that will work for you. Our independent agents work with all of the top insurance companies licensed in Pennsylvania.

Motorcycle Insurance

The first thing to know is that not all motorcycles are considered the same. There are several different categories of motorized bicycles in Pennsylvania. Your insurance agent will be able to help you determine what type of motorcycle you own and what category it fits into.

Chadds Ford, PA Insurance Agents · Brandywine Insurance Group

Between state laws and your needs of coverage for various instances, choosing the insurance company that works to your advantage or fits your budget can become a time consuming process. So with this being said, we've compiled some excellent information regarding the coverage you'll need in the area to ensure proper legal status in Pennsylvania and protection regarding unforeseen circumstances.

Home Insurance

As it is a given that one would need insurance as a homeowner, individuals renting property can apply for insurance as well. What home insurance does is it covers property that may be lost in unforeseen circumstance such as a fire or natural disaster. This way the property lost can be replaced if it is covered by your insurance package.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance simply protects the driver and other drivers on the road in the instance of an accident. Insurance for autos is broken down into two parts, which are liability insurance and insurance on the car itself. These methods of insurance work as follows:

  • Liability Insurance - This covers financial responsibility if a person manages to harm another.
  • Car Insurance - This is broken down into two circumstances which are collision and comprehensive. Collision is mandated by banks or leasing companies. Comprehensive covers theft, fire, or other perils.

Now that we've simplified what insurance covers, it's about time we provide you with an answer. Brandywine Insurance Group is an independent insurance group that works with over ten "A Rated" insurance companies. Giving you the best of what your home and auto deserve, Brandywine Insurance Group can easily suit your needs with its wide array of high ranking clients.

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