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What is the easiest way to do a home inventory?

Living in Chadds Ford, PA is pleasant and educational, and residents have access to changing seasons, educational sites and beautiful scenery. However, bad things happen sometimes so you probably got an insurance policy from Brandywine Insurance Group to protect your home and valuables. 

Whether you rent or own your home, it is important for your peace of mind to know that if there was ever a fire or burglary, you wouldn’t be stuck trying to replace everything yourself with no help. If anything does happen, though, you will need an inventory to let your insurance company know what you are claiming. 

Get Organized

You don’t have to do it in a certain order, but it’s a big job and it will be easier if you have a plan. You could go room by room, or do all your appliances first. The latter would be even easier if you keep important warranties and receipts in one place.

Keep your receipts with your inventory so you can prove how much your items are worth, at least for more valuable items like appliances. Count items like clothes in categories so the task doesn’t become overwhelming, and take a break when you need to and start back where you left off. 

Stay Up to Date

Keep your inventory somewhere safe, and have a plan to add new things as you purchase them, especially big things. Make sure especially to keep track of serial numbers in case someone steals your property. 

If you are in Chadds Ford, PA and would like some tips or need other help making your inventory, don’t hesitate to call Brandywine Insurance Group. Our goal is to keep our clients protected. 

Motorcycle Insurance: Why Liability Insurance is so Limited

When you are looking to insure your motorcycle, particularly if it is not your primary vehicle, it may be tempting to go with the required liability insurance.  This option can leave you vulnerable if an accident does occur.  Its important to understand what liability insurance actually covers.  Minimum liability insurance is a great tool if someone else is injured or their property harmed by an accident where you are deemed to be at fault.  Clauses in the policy will provide for bodily injury and property damage.  It will also cover their medical expenses that resulted from an accident.  So state-mandated liability insurance does provide some valuable coverage.  The agents at Brandywine Insurance Group serve motorcycle operators throughout the Chadds Ford, PA area.  They can discuss with you the particular amounts a liability policy will cover.  More importantly, however, they will talk with you about some of the protection that you might be missing out on if you only have a liability coverage policy.

Liability insurance in designed to protect you from the injuries other have in an accident where you are deemed liable.  Up to certain amounts, their medical bills will be covered and their vehicle or motorcycle will be repaired.  A liability policy will not cover your medical expenses or repair costs if you are also injured or the bike damaged.  A comprehensive and collision policy will provide for the repair or replacement of your motorcycle if there is an accident.  There are also policies to ensure your bike’s accessories or customized parts.  Some policies will also provide for roadside assistance and towing if you have a problem on the road.  In the Chadds Ford, PA area, these are aspects of insurance that you need to discuss with the knowledgeable agents at the Brandywine Insurance Group. 

Does a Business Owner Need Commercial Insurance for a Home-Based Business?

Some homeowners mistakenly assume that their homeowner’s insurance will provide adequate insurance for a home-based business. There are a few cases where this may be true. An example of this is a freelance worker, who is a sole proprietor, doing remote work with no one visiting the home. They do not have to carry commercial insurance.

However, for most cases, a home-based business needs commercial insurance. This need can be determined by evaluation of the business type, the operations, and the services or products being offered to the public. A key consideration is whether customers or clients will be coming to the home for business purposes. Another concern is product liability if products are being sold.

Why is it Important to have insurance coverage?

It is helpful to work with your agent at Brandywine Insurance Group, serving Chadds Ford, PA and the surrounding area, to determine what kind of commercial insurance coverage you need. For example, if a friend comes over to the home for a visit and there is a slip and fall accident, usually most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover the liability for the injuries.

However, if a business client or customer comes to the home for a business purpose, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover the liability for a slip and fall accident. Every situation is different, so that is why it is a good idea to check with your insurance agent if you are starting a home-based business or if you already have one.

Other Insurance Needs

Besides commercial insurance, if you plan to sell products, you will need product liability insurance. If the business provides personal care services, you will need insurance coverage for those activities as well. If you have any employees you will need to have workers’ compensation insurance. You may need umbrella insurance if any special risks are involved in the business activities.

To get a quote for commercial insurance and all other needs for a home-based business contact an agent at Brandywine Insurance Group, serving Chadds Ford, PA and the surrounding area.

How to Know What Kind of Motorcycle Insurance Coverage You Need

Whether you are buying a new motorcycle or still shopping around, it is in your best interest to get detailed information regarding the motorcycle insurance coverage available. There are minimal requires for each state, so you first need to know what to get in the Chadds Ford, PA area. For additional coverage needs, speak to a reputable agent at Brandywine Insurance Group.

Comprehensive Coverage

This is important to have, as it assists you with the costs of repairing or placing your bike after the following:

  • Falling objects
  • Fire
  • Being hit by, or hitting an animal
  • Severe weather
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

There is coverage for custom parts and accessories on your motorcycle, however, most of the comprehensive policies only cover to a certain amount. Look into if you will need to add to your policy with a rider. Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage is ideal, as you can specify how much additional value you would like to have covered.

Bodily Injury Liability Motorcycle Insurance

Bodily injury liability is designed to cover any injuries occurring to other individuals after an accident with your motorcycle. It applies to a variety of expenses, including doctor’s visits, physical therapy, prescriptions, and home health care. It includes passengers on your own vehicle, as well as other injured parties.

Your rates will be determined according to certain factors. Your driving history, credit history, gender, age and the make and model of your motorcycle all factor into this rate.

Contact a qualified expert to discuss your motorcycle insurance, such as an agent at the Brandywine Insurance Group, which serves the greater Chadds Ford, PA area. He or she will be pleased to give you an overview of what is recommended based on your unique situation and background.

The pursuit of a standard home insurance claims process

One of the most noted complaints regarding homeowners insurance is the time or duration insurance agencies take to service claims. In Chadds Ford, PA, Brandywine Insurance Group homeowners are advised to know the home insurance claim procedure as it offers them a better chance to recover their compensation in a specific time frame. Below are two tips that guaranteed a standard home insurance claims process.

Tip 1 – Conduct your own damage assessment

Before filling your home insurance claim it is essential that you administer a full assessment of the destruction of your home. It should be taken into account that filing your claim prior to damage estimation may inflate your premium rates yet the claim remains low. Prior to going after a claim, it is fitting to keep in mind that you are required to meet deductible costs before an insurance agency handles your claim. After accessing the disaster claims at Chadds Ford PA, Brandywine Insurance Group advice to its clients to take images of the damage as soon as possible. This serves to document the damage to your home accurately. Home insurance claims have lengthy in-depth reviews and it is important for clients to be through when presenting evidence as well as the cause of damage.

Tip 2 – Always be present when Insurance companies conduct a damage assessment.

In the pursuit of a standard home insurance claim, the clients are encouraged to be present during every damage inspection. This allows homeowners to answer any prevailing question in good time. In the instance the insurance company sends its own inspector or an independent insurance adjuster, your presence at the site aids you to avoid settling for less due to an understatement of the damage incurred. At Brandywine Insurance Group in Chadds Ford PA, clients are advised to work with the company in order to make compositions swift and accurate.

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Theft?

Owning a business can be at once one of the greatest things in the world and one of the biggest headaches. It is important that if you own a business or commercial property you have it protected by some sort of a commercial policy. It is also important that you know and understands what these policies cover. For those in the Chadds Ford, PA area, the agents with Brandywine Insurance Group can help you to find the perfect commercial policy and that you know what it covers.

Most commercial policies are going to cover things like theft because it is a common occurrence and a common issue when it comes to commercial property. This means that your policy is going to cover theft on a day to day basis in the form of things like shoplifting but also if your store or commercial property is broken into after hours and items are stolen.

The key to filing a theft claim is that you have an accurate and documented inventory of what was in your store or commercial property. It also does not hurt to have a video surveillance system inside your commercial property so that you have visual evidence to help corroborate your claim and to help speed it up. It is crucial that you make your claim in a timely manner and that you are certain to include all the evidence that you have in order to get an accurate and timely payout for the items that were stolen from your commercial property.

When it comes to commercial policies, it might be difficult to get the right policy without the help of an agent. For those in the Chadds Ford, PA area, the agents with Brandywine Insurance Group can help you get the right policy for you.

Can a Commercial Insurance Policy Save You Money?

For those who are looking for reasons to invest in commercial insurance, there are more than a few to take into consideration. For now, let’s take a quick look at the many ways in which commercial insurance can save you money. 

When you don’t have commercial insurance, you are essentially leaving yourself wide open to lawsuits. Whether it be a lawsuit that has truth and legitimacy to it or a lawsuit that is completely fueled by lies, you need to make sure your company is protected with commercial insurance. You never know when something might happen, but with commercial insurance, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you won’t lose your business or personal assets due to a lawsuit. 

Having commercial insurance can also save you money by helping to protect during and after a disaster. Let’s say for example that your place of business is vandalized and many important documents are stolen. What happens to all that private customer data? Are you going to be held liable for the data that was stolen? You very well may, but with commercial insurance, you can keep yourself protected. 

To ensure you have a commercial insurance policy that adequately meets your needs, it is of the utmost importance that you speak with a qualified insurance specialist who can assess your needs and customize a policy for you. If you would like to learn more about the ways in which commercial insurance can save you money, please contact Brandywine Insurance Group today. This insurance company serves the Chadds Ford, PA area and is ready to meet any and all of your insurance needs. 

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Commercial Insurance

The process of purchasing a commercial insurance policy is not as straightforward as many business operators would assume. Rather than review all possible scenarios that are likely to occur, many prefer to choose policies based on the price. Brandywine Insurance Group is serving Chadds Ford, PA, and recommends that you ask the following questions before you settle on a commercial insurance policy:

1. What are Your Business Risks?

Here, you need to think about all the aspects of your business. Consider:

  • The kind of business you engage in. Are you providing a professional service?
  • How do you transact your business? Do you visit your clients or do they come to you?
  • What kind of resources do you rely on? What technology, machinery, equipment, and utilities are required for you to run your business effectively?

Having gained a good picture of the business, you should now start to imagine everything that can and could go wrong.

2. What Kind of Insurance Do You Require?

Given that you now know the kind of risks you face, as well as what you have to protect, start looking at the available policies. You should also determine whether there are legislative requirements or industry membership requirements for your profession. Common covers available for businesses include:

  • Public liability coverage
  • Cyber liability coverage
  • Professional indemnity coverage
  • Management liability coverage

3. Do you have Employees?

As the business operations expand, you will need to hire people to assist you in service provision. If you already have or intend to hire employees, there are certain types of commercial insurance you may need to get. They are:

  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Employers practices liability insurance

4. Do You Rent or Own the Business Premise?

The need for additional commercial space means that the business has started growing. If you own or have leased a commercial facility, you may have to get commercial property insurance. It protects the business structure from damages from fire or other named perils.

5. Do You Have Cash Saved in a Bank?

An umbrella insurance policy can provide you with an added layer of protection for a small investment. It is a coverage that can also be applied to multiple policies such as non-owned auto and general liability.

For further queries on commercial insurance, be sure to call or visit Brandywine Insurance Group, serving Chadds Ford, PA, and the surrounding areas. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions. 

Different Kinds of Motorcycle Insurance

There really is nothing like the sun on your face as you ride your motorcycle down the highway. It is a joy you can really only understand if you’ve done it before. Of course, like any other vehicle, you’ll need to invest in the proper insurance. At Brandywine Insurance Group, we are here to help you connect with the right kind of motorcycle insurance, whether you live around Chadds Ford, PA or the surrounding area.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

In the event of an accident, you need to make sure your vehicle is protected. With comprehensive and collision coverage, your bike will be covered. This way, whether it was knocked over or you had to skid to a stop in order to avoid an accident, you’ll have coverage to repair your vehicle. 

Trip Interruption Coverage

This is a great form of insurance if you’re planning on an extended road trip. You never know when something might go wrong with your bike, and sometimes it’s just not possible to have the necessary repair parts on hand. With trip interruption coverage, your hotel will be covered, and you’ll also receive money for food and other activities while your motorcycle is repaired. 

Towing and Labor Coverage

In need of a tow? You normally would have to pay out of pocket in this event. You will be able to avoid this kind of an expense when you invest in towing and labor coverage. You’ll have it picked up and taken to the necessary garage for repairs. 

These are just some of the different motorcycle insurance options you need to consider. At Brandywine Insurance Group, we’re here to work with you and to make sure you are properly protected. So no matter if you’re riding in Chadds Ford, PA or somewhere else, you’ll always have exceptional coverage.

Answers About Commercial Insurance to Frequently Asked Questions

If you own a business in the Chadds Ford, PA area, you probably know that a wide variety of unexpected events or situations can happen to a business.  It doesn’t matter if the company is a one-person operation or a large organization, all businesses need commercial insurance.  Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  1. What is commercial insurance? Commercial or “business” insurance encompasses the different types of coverage available to protect business owners.  Commercial insurance coverage can include protection for company-owned property, liability protection, health insurance for employees, and much more.
  2. Why do you need it? To protect the business venture you’ve worked hard to build.  Any business can be sued, suffer losses due to unexpected damages to company product or property, or an unavoidable interruption in company operations.
  3. What types of commercial insurance are available?  The main types include policies for property and casualty protection, commercial auto insurance, liability coverage, business interruption protection, employee health, life, disability, and workers’ compensation.
  4. Are their options to bundle the different types of business insurance you need?  Yes. Business owner’s often combined their policy needs into a less expensive package deal.  Insurance packages can be created for small to large businesses and can be tailored to your company’s unique needs.
  5. How do you go about buying commercial insurance?  You need to go through an insurance professional to purchase insurance.  The best way to buy the business insurance you need is to make informed decisions with the help of an insurance professional like those at Brandywine Insurance Group.

Brandywine Insurance Group

We provide commercial insurance to businesses in the Chadds Ford, PA area. Contact an independent Brandywine agent today so we can help you make the best insurance choices to protect your business.